SCRY was Invited to Microsoft Ecolab HackthonOn January 13, 2019, the Microsoft Ecolab Enterprise communication event hosted by Microsoft China and Ecolab Group was held at Ecolab Group's Greater China headquarters. SCRY, as a leader in food tracking and digital management, was invited to participate and made a wonderful speech.As a trusted partner of nearly 3 million business locations, Ecolab Group is a global leader in water, sanitation and energy technology and services, dedicated to protecting people and precious natural resources. Around the world, customers in the foodservice, food processing, hospitality, healthcare, industrial, oil and gas markets choose Ecolab products and services to keep the environment clean and safe, operate efficiently and achieve sustainable development goals. In this corporate communication event, Ecolab hopes to discuss the future cooperation issues through the sharing and thinking of the invited guests.SCRY was Invited to Microsoft Ecolab HackthonIn terms of food traceability, the SCRY team has more than five years of international agricultural supply chain finance experience, and has made outstanding contributions in the industry. Its organic agricultural product cooperation farms have now spread all over the world. In the sharing, Mr. Chang Zhuoran from SCRY team stated that the blockchain technology has data tamper proof, traceability and other characteristics are inherently suitable for applications in traceability. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, we will pay more attention to the issue of food safety, which will make food traceability more useful in the future food safety field. At present, the business of SCRY landing mainly focuses on the traceability of high-end agricultural products and financial services in the agricultural field, which is closely related to market demand and objective conditions. Food safety is a major issue related to the national economy and people's livelihood. In the future, SCRY will provide an open source code component library to provide a more convenient SAAS service based on smart contract data protocols for a wider range of business data contracts, so that the blockchain traceability system can better serve enterprises and consumers and contribute to food safety.After the conference, the SCRY team and ecolab conducted an application business model communication. In the constantly developing economic environment, the Chinese enterprise food service market has reached 1.6 trillion in 2019. We are convinced that with the acceleration of development, based on the field of enterprise food supply chain, we will usher in internationally standardized services, and look forward to further cooperation opportunities in the future.

PAST REVIEWSCRY was Invited to Microsoft Ecolab HackthonSCRY was Invited to Microsoft Ecolab HackthonSCRY was Invited to Microsoft Ecolab HackthonSCRY was Invited to Microsoft Ecolab HackthonSCRY was Invited to Microsoft Ecolab Hackthon
SCRY.INFO SCRY.INFO is an open source blockchain data module component that is the cornerstone of the Oracle data contract application in the blockchain world. SCRY.INFO protocol layer provides the on-chain contract data aggregation system to integrate the data source and Oracle to provide connectivity to the outside world (information/data). Besides, it has a cross-chain communication protocol and various adaptive development framework tools to support for the enterprise-level high concurrency call.