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Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/11/2020 Tue.)Xi vows to win people's war against novel coronavirusFresh Start: Podcast News (2/11/2020 Tue.)
Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, on Monday stressed resolutely winning the people's war against the pneumonia epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus.Wearing a mask, Xi, also Chinese president and chairman of the Central Military Commission, visited a residential community, a hospital, and a district center for disease control and prevention in Beijing.Xi said the situation at the moment remains very serious but expressed confidence that China can certainly obtain a full victory in the fight against the epidemic.Xi also called on medical staff to continue to improve the diagnosis and treatment plan, save patients at all costs, and reminded them to take good self-protection. (Xinhua)习近平在北京市调研指导新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情防控工作中共中央总书记、国家主席、中央军委主席习近平 2 月 10 日在北京调研指导新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情防控工作时强调,要坚决打赢疫情防控的人民战争、总体战、阻击战。习近平当天深入社区、医院、疾控中心,了解基层疫情防控工作情况。习近平强调,当前疫情形势仍然十分严峻。只要同志们同心协力、英勇奋斗、共克时艰,我们一定能取得疫情防控斗争的全面胜利。习近平来到地坛医院门诊楼一层运行监控中心,通过监控画面察看患者住院诊疗情况,并视频连线正在病房值班的医务人员,鼓励他们继续完善诊疗方案,继续全力以赴救治患者,努力提高收治率和治愈率、降低感染率和病亡率,并叮嘱他们做好自我防护。Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/11/2020 Tue.)More medical assistance offered to virus-hit Hubei ProvinceFresh Start: Podcast News (2/11/2020 Tue.)The National Health Commission (NHC), on Monday, said more medical assistance would be provided for virus-hit Hubei Province as part of the country's sweeping efforts to fight the novel coronavirus.Other than the capital city of Wuhan, Hubei's 16 cities, prefectures, and county-level cities, will be paired with 19 provincial-level areas across the country including Chongqing, Heilongjiang, and Shandong, said the NHC.The 19 provincial-level areas will send medical staff and offer telemedicine services to help the province treat patients infected with the virus and mortality rates, said the NHC. (Xinhua)中国卫健委: 将加大对湖北省新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情支持力度中国国家卫健委 2 月 10 日表示,将全力支援湖北省开展新型冠状病毒肺炎防治工作,坚决打赢疫情防控阻击战。卫健委表示,将统筹安排 19 个省份对口支援湖北省除武汉市 16 个市州及县级市,参与对口支援省份包括重庆市、黑龙江省和山东省。国家卫生健康委要求各支援省份组建由医护、管理、疾控专业人员组成的支援队伍,实地支持与远程医疗服务相结合,努力提高收治率,降低病死率。Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/11/2020 Tue.)British Airways flight crosses Atlantic in less than 5 hoursFresh Start: Podcast News (2/11/2020 Tue.)A British Airways flight landed early Sunday morning at Heathrow Airport in London after leaving John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York just four hours and 56 minutes earlier.For the first time in years, a commercial passenger plane has flown across the Atlantic in less than five hours.That set a new speed record for subsonic commercial aircraft to fly between the two cities.The previous record was held by a Norwegian Air flight, which flew between the two cities in five hours and 13 minutes. (AP)英航客机不到 5 小时飞越大西洋 刷新飞行时间纪录英国航空公司一架客机 2 月 9 日晚从美国纽约约翰·肯尼迪国际机场起飞,用时 4 小时 56 分完成航程,降落在英国伦敦希斯罗机场,刷新亚音速商用飞机跨大西洋最短飞行时间纪录。此前亚音速商用飞机跨大西洋最短飞行时间纪录由挪威一家航空公司 2018 年创造,用时 5 小时 13 分钟。Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/11/2020 Tue.)Man carrying knife arrested outside White House after threatFresh Start: Podcast News (2/11/2020 Tue.)A man carrying a knife was arrested outside the White House on Saturday after he told a US Secret Service officer that he was there to kill the president, police said.Roger Hedgpeth, 25, approached a Secret Service officer who was patrolling outside the White House and said he was there to “assassinate” President Donald Trump and “I have a knife to do it with,” according to a police report.Hedgpeth was arrested Saturday afternoon on a charge of making threats to do bodily harm, the Metropolitan Police Department said. (AP)美国男子持刀在白宫外被捕 声称要 " 刺杀总统 "2 月 8 日,美国警方在白宫外逮捕一名男子,该男子手持刀具,并对一名特勤人员表示要“刺杀美国总统特朗普”。据悉,嫌疑人是现年 25 岁的赫德佩斯。他当天曾对一名在白宫外巡逻的特勤人员表示,自己打算刺杀美国总统,并携带刀具。目前,美国警方已于当天下午将其逮捕,并以“威胁进行人身伤害”的罪名提出起诉。Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/11/2020 Tue.)S. Korean film 'Parasite' wins big, makes history at 92nd OscarsFresh Start: Podcast News (2/11/2020 Tue.)South Korean black comedy "Parasite" turned out to be the biggest winner at the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday night.Besides nabbing Best Picture, the genre-bending class thriller won Best Director for Bong Joon-ho, Best Foreign Film, and Best Original Screenplay."Parasite" also made history at the 92nd Academy Awards by becoming the first foreign-language film to win best picture. (Xinhua)韩国影片《寄生虫》笑傲第 92 届奥斯卡奖第 92 届奥斯卡奖颁奖礼 2 月 9 日在美国洛杉矶杜比剧院举行,韩国导演奉俊昊执导的黑色喜剧片《寄生虫》一鸣惊人,揽得最佳影片、最佳导演、最佳国际影片以及最佳原创剧本四项大奖。此外,《寄生虫》还成为历史上第一部获得奥斯卡最佳影片的外语片。Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/11/2020 Tue.)James, Durant, Curry in US basketball Olympic poolFresh Start: Podcast News (2/11/2020 Tue.)LeBron James and injured superstars Steph Curry and Kevin Durant were named on Monday in a 44-strong pool of players in contention for spots on the US Olympic basketball team.The US team, which will be chasing a fourth consecutive Olympic gold medal following wins in 2008, 2012 and 2016, will be coached by San Antonio Spurs boss Gregg Popovich.Curry, who is hoping to return for Golden State Warriors next month, withdrew from the 2016 Olympics after knee and ankle problems. (AFP)美国男篮公布奥运会 44 人名单 詹姆斯库里杜兰特入选美国男篮 2 月 10 日公布了 2020 年东京奥运会大名单。这份名单上共有 44 人,其中包括来自 NBA 湖人队的勒布朗·詹姆斯、勇士队的斯蒂芬·库里和篮网队的凯文·杜兰特。美国男篮主教练将由马刺队主教练波波维奇担任。美国男篮已经连续三次夺得奥运会冠军头衔,分别是 2008 年、2012 年和 2016 年。此前受伤的库里有望于下个月代表勇士队出战。库里曾于 2016 年入选美国奥运会男篮大名单,后来因膝盖和脚踝的伤势最终退出。Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/11/2020 Tue.)Thanks for listening and be sure to catch us tomorrow.And now for the Question of the Day:Giant pandas do what to scare off their enemies?(Answer: Bark.)Today’s quote is from Greek philosopher Apollonius of Tyana (15 AD - 100 AD). "My ideal is for each to do what he knows and what he can."(Produced by Nancy Yan Xu, Ryan Yaoran Yu, Lance Crayon and Elaine Yue Lin. Music by Eugene Loner.)

Fresh Start: Podcast News (2/11/2020 Tue.)