January 21-24, 2020, on the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the World Economic Forum (WEF), global leaders, business managers, academics and public opinion leaders gather in the small town of Davos, Switzerland.SCRY attends 2020 Davos SummitToday’s technological revolution is a time of enormous promise, but also new challenges. As we enter the 2020 s it is clear that we are far from unlocking the potential of technology for our toughest challenges.We are entering a new era where powerful Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies like artificial intelligence and Blockchain are being infused at exponential speed into the world around us. As organizations and countries race to harness these new technologies to spur growth and competitiveness, we stand at a critical juncture to put these technologies to work in a responsible way for people and the planet.SCRY attends 2020 Davos SummitU.S. President Donald Trump appeared at the Davos Forum and talked about topics such as creating an economy for everyone to benefit from, conducting trade reforms, and signing trade agreements.In Davos, there are also hundreds of world leaders including Iraqi President Barham Salih, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and 34-year-old Finnish Prime Minister Sanner Marin (Sanna Marin) all gave speeches. The conference also included numerous corporate executives and prominent figures from all world the world.Scry attended the Davos Forum as a member of the World Blockchain Application Organization, introducing and discussing SCRY's technical perspective and application products with the father of the digital economy, Don Tapscott, hyperleger partner, and many industry experts. We firmly believe that the digital application of the blockchain landing in many application scenarios is born.SCRY attends 2020 Davos SummitSCRY wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! Keep going!

PAST REVIEWSCRY attends 2020 Davos SummitSCRY attends 2020 Davos SummitSCRY attends 2020 Davos SummitSCRY attends 2020 Davos SummitSCRY attends 2020 Davos Summit
SCRY.INFO SCRY.INFO is an open source blockchain data module component that is the cornerstone of the Oracle data contract application in the blockchain world. SCRY.INFO protocol layer provides the on-chain contract data aggregation system to integrate the data source and Oracle to provide connectivity to the outside world (information/data). Besides, it has a cross-chain communication protocol and various adaptive development framework tools to support for the enterprise-level high concurrency call.