想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙

2019-nCov 爆发以来,引发了连锁的社会、经济问题,种种新自由主义的压迫性结构表露无遗,成为全球危机的断裂时刻。既有的全球资本主义体系与民族国家框架,如同一台末日机器,不断制造着人类纪的危机:环境恶化与气候变暖,城市空间的矛盾激化、不断加剧的社会不平等、经济萧条的怪圈导致社会分裂、极右民粹的全球蔓延 ....... 这些危机被疫情放大,加剧了全球动荡,我们不可逃避的处在这样震荡年代的端口。

The outbreak of Covid-19 has generated a chain of socio-economic problems. As various oppressive structures of neoliberalism reveal themselves, we are faced with a global crisis. The existing global capitalist system and nation-state framework, together they made up a doomsday machine, which continues to deepen crisis: environmental degradation, climate changes, global warming, inappropriate use of urban space, social inequality, economic depression, far spread of the far-right populist parties...

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙


Explore alternatives outside of capitalism, bring forth a techno-political plan in replacement of what is available, and channel that fear for the apocalypse to something you can do on a daily basis. All of what is mentioned above is known as Utopian Will——operating under the existing conditions and social relations, one takes action to measure the feasibility and limitation of a plan that aims to originate a new way of society.


A utopia is a tool for group actions. Mannheim describes the concept of Utopia in Ideology and Utopia: Utopia itself is a consciousness that transcends reality, or is in a non-dominant position; this consciousness must have an existing social order, has a transformative effect and has been put into practical action by some social organizations. From this point of view, utopia will not perish and will not turn into dystopia. As long as the existing social order does not allow everyone to achieve social welfare, Utopian Will is eternal.

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙



Maurice Meisner's research on the history of revolution in the 20th century believes that, in contrast to the secular utopian imagination formed in the West since Plato, the socialist revolution in the 20th century embodies a positive form of utopianism. Under disadvantageous geopolitical conditions, these cases can, through collective action, stimulate creativity, improve productivity, and transform society. For active utopia, material conditions are no longer the primary condition, while activists' will become the driving force for change.

马思乐(Maurice Meisner)对 20 世纪革命史的研究中认为:相对西方自柏拉图以来形成的世俗乌托邦想象,在 20 世纪的社会主义革命中,体现着一种积极形式的乌托邦主义,这些案例在不利的经济基础、地缘政治条件下,通过集体行动中对创造力的激发,获得生产力的提升以及对社会的改造。对于积极乌托邦而言,物质条件不再是首要条件,而是行动者的意志成为驱动原力。

The exploratory solutions that they are working on are related to a number of social issues that humanity urgently needs to deal with: techno-politics, economic models, community relations, building construction, and data democratization. Let us create a safe space for ideas to come together.

近年来,706 与全球各类创新组织或项目进行了大量接触,我们从中遴选了几个案例成为这个系列活动的第一轮分享主题,感谢这些探索者的勇气、坚持与付出,希望其中积累的理论与实践经验,能够成为黑暗时代的一缕光芒。

The exploratory solutions that they are working on are related to a number of social issues that humanity urgently needs to deal with: techno-politics, economic models, community relations, building construction, and data democratization. Let us create a safe space for ideas to come together.


We are inescapable of our mistakes, the solution we are seeking is not just to clarify a social model that can be implemented, but to imagine a different experimental scheme that is beyond reality. We shall look at the technical factors behind every solution given, show concern regarding its ability to design the future social structure. We shall look at the hidden rules and mechanism, to what extent does it reflect our future emerging spatial spaces?

01 激进市场:


No.01 Radical Markets: Reimagine Post-Digital Era

时间:2020 年 6 月 13 日晚 20:00 (北京时间)

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙

激进市场(Radical Markets),一种诞生于 2016 年的全新经济学理论。因为近十几年来国家之间的不平等,国家内部的不平等越发严重,这个也让曾经享誉世界的“新自由主义”面临前所未有的危机和来自各界的批评,社会在割裂,政治民粹化,在后疫情时代,世界格局也面临着前所未有的危机,中美关系也尤其脆弱。

在这样一种世界背景下,我们 706 邀请了台北科技大学专任助理教授宝博士(葛如钧)和 suji yan 一起来和大家聊聊“激进市场”,那么,何为激进市场?Eric Posner 和 Glen Weyl 著述的新书《激进市场》是对现有政治经济体制进行的另外一种道路的探索。

它对自启蒙以降支撑现代资本主义社会的两大支柱——私有财产制度和一人一票民主——进行了根本性的反思,也许将是解决资本主义 vs 社会主义、市场经济 vs 计划经济、市场自发 vs 国家干预的终极答案?经济学界巨擎、诺贝尔经济学奖得主让·梯若尔,微软 CEO 纳德拉,区块链的以太坊创始人 Vitalik,都对“激进市场”赞誉有加。



8 pm (Beijing: GMT+8)

Join us to learn about Radical Markets, an economic theory freshly born in 2016, critically reflects on the two columns of free market and democracy in the West, private property, and voting. This model is a possible ultimate solution to capitalism vs socialism, market economy vs planned economy, and market spontaneity vs government intervention. Also, this new theory fits well with Bitcoin, Blockchain, and other topics related to data privacy and digital information.



宝博士是台湾科技数码领域的知名博主,于 2018 年起最早在中文互联网布道传播激进市场思潮,为《激进市场》繁体中文版编译者之一。

Guest Speaker: Professor Bao (Ge Rujun)

Assistant professor at Taipei University of Technology, Ph.D. in Information Engineering, National Taiwan University, and Postdoctoral Researcher in Media Design, Keio University, Japan. He was the first Taiwanese to enter Singularity University and has founded many internet and smart hardware entrepreneurship projects.


Dr. Bao is a well-known blogger in Taiwan's technology and digital field. He began to spread the Radical Markets theory as early as 2018 on the Chinese internet and is one of the translator-editors of the Traditional Chinese copy of "Radical Markets".


对谈嘉宾:suji yan

Maskbook & Dimension.im 创始人 /CEO,从伊利诺伊大学香槟分校(UIUC)计算机工程系辍学创业。前 Qdaily & 财新传媒独立记者,前自动驾驶公司工程师。

Suji 曾与 RadicalxChange (传播激进市场思想的全球行动机构)、Data Law Group 等组织的经济学者、法律学者合作撰文,讨论激进市场和数字劳工议题;去年,他还与太太 Katt 一起在 Github 上发布了 Anti 996 License,一个响应 996.icu 的开源软件协议,得到美国连线杂志等媒体的关注。

In dialogue with:Suji Yan

Founder/CEO of Dimension.im, which was founded when he dropped out of the Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Leninois Champagne (UIUC). Former independent reporter at Qdaily & Caixin Media, former self-driving company engineer.


Suji worked with economists and legal scholars from "Radical Market"/RadicalxChange, Data Law Group, and other organizations as a co-author. Suji and his wife Katt published Anti 996 on Github License, an open-source software agreement against the 996 working system, and was interviewed by American Wired and other magazines for it.


706 联合创始人,北京大学社会人类学硕士 & 瑞典乌普萨拉大学数字人文硕士



Co-founder of 706, Master of Social Anthropology, Peking University & Master of Digital Humanities, Uppsala University, Sweden


Event held in Chinese



No. 02 Cooperative Living: New Forms of Community


6 月 20 日 星期六 09:00 (美东)

6 月 20 日 星期六 21:00 (北京)

美国的居住合作社概念已经火了几十年,在嬉皮士公社运动红火的 1968 那一年,同步发展起来的 NASCO (北美合作学生组织)帮助学生组织合作生活,遍布北美 100 多个城镇,为成千上万的学生提供可持续的住房。


9am (EST: GMT-4) / 9pm (Beijing: GMT+8)

Co-op living has been popular in the United States for decades. Having developed alongside the Hippy Commune Movement, NASCO helped students organize their own co-op living, providing sustainable housing for thousands of students across 100 cities and towns in the US.

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙

进入新世纪,特别是 2015 年持续至今,在硅谷旧金山和洛杉矶等地,众多 IT 极客,艺术家,社会组织者及有创造力的群体,带动了新一轮的居住合作社运动,这次我们邀请到的来自美国纽约的 Zarinah Agnew。Zarinah 和朋友一起创建了使馆网络(Embassy Network),一种新型的居住合作社。她会和大家分享为什么人们在社区中会生活得更好,特别是当这些社区是一种共享的、开放的、协作性的组织;为什么那么多美国大城市的年轻活跃分子会去共同实践共享居住和前预政治。他们所实践的就是他们追求的理想世界:共创的组织模式、社会动力和决策系统。

在美国面临严重的种族问题而带来的种族割裂的现在,我们幸运的可以听到 Zarinah 与她的美国朋友的共同社会实践。在当下,新的共享和团结,尤为重要,以及可贵。

Since 2015, hackers, artists, activists, and other creative inpiduals started a new wave of cooperative movements. At this event, Zarinah Agnew, co-founder of Embassy Network will share how she and her friends started a community for better living. This is their collective utopia, where they collaborate on the decision-making system, the organizational structure, and the social momentum.

With racial issues escalating at this very moment in the US, we are lucky to hear from Zarinah talk about her work. This is an opportunity for us to listen, share, and support, in solidarity.

分享嘉宾:Zarinah Agnew

先后在伦敦大学学院和 UCSF 完成了博士后职位,因为坚信共享居住和前预政治(prefigurative politics) 的信念,和朋友们一起创建了使馆网络(Embassy Network),一个由地方社区组成的全球性团体,尝试新型的管理方法、共享和团结。

Guest Speaker:Zarinah Agnew__

Zarinah has completed postdoctoral positions at University College London and UCSF successively. Because of her belief in shared living and prefigurative politics, Zarinah and her friends created the Embassy Network, a global group composed of local communities.


玖姑在美国留学时,在一个嬉皮公社居住三年,后来走访过中美韩国的 40+亚文化社区和公共空间,研究自组织和社区模式对创新活动的影响。后来玖姑把研究结果应用于多个社区项目,作为共创模式的研究者和倡导者,致力于用共识工具促进社会公平、创新和可持续发展。

Host: Evangeline Z

__Evangeline Z_lived in a hippie commune for three years while studying in the United States. Later, she visited 40+ subcultural communities and public spaces in China, the United States, and South Korea to study the impact of self-organization and community models on innovation activities. Later, Evangeline Z applied the research results to multiple community projects. As a researcher and advocate of the co-creation model, She is committed to using consensus tools to promote social equity, innovation, and sustainable development._


Event held in English

03 从西班牙到韩国,


No.03 Rise of new paradigms in Spain and South Korea: from cooperatives, social enterprises to new forms of organization

时间:2020 年 7 月 4 日晚 20:00 (北京时间) (暂定)

“在全球化的浪潮和资本主义的夹击中,蒙德拉贡的存在既像一个孤岛,又像一个奇迹。”2008 年的经济危机对西班牙经济造成了极大影响,但以这个小镇为中心的蒙德拉贡合作社却没有一个工人失业。“蒙德拉贡”是西班牙北部的一个地名,一个合作公司,也指一种合作制度,由一个在山区叫蒙德拉贡 (Mondragon) 的小镇而来,这个小镇就是第一个合作社的发源地。

蒙德拉贡联合公司(MCC)是西班牙第七大集团、世界首家劳工合作社,它的领导人不是超高薪的百万富翁,公司的雇员多为合股人。2004 年,MCC 在全球的营业额高达 191.41 亿欧元,成为欧洲乃至世界最大的合作社集团之一。目前,MCC 已发展成为集工业、农业和农产品加工业、商业、金融、教育和培训、科研和信息、服务等 120 多个合作社为一体的跨行业合作制联合体。公司下设金融、产业、分销三大子集团和蒙德拉贡大学。每一位公司成员的最高薪水与最低薪水的差距不得超过 6 倍。公司盈余的 25% 投入研发,产出极高的产品创新。


8 pm (Beijing: GMT+8)_(TBC)_

When the 2008 economic crisis hit Spain, Mondragon Co-op survived the impact——none of the workers lost their job there. "Mondragon" has gone from being a town to being a system.

Mondragon Corporation (MCC) is Spain's seventh largest group and the world's first labor cooperative. Its leaders are not ultra-high-paying millionaires, and the company's employees are mostly joint shareholders. In 2004, MCC's global turnover reached 19.141 billion euros, making it the largest cooperative group in Europe and the world. The company consists of three subgroups: finance, industry and distribution, and the Mondragon University. The difference between the maximum salary and the minimum salary of each company member must not exceed 6 times. 25% of the company's surplus is invested in research and development, which produces extremely high product innovation.

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙

自从它在 1950 年代成立以来,它以其独特的活力和巨大成就享誉国际,对社会经济的探索和发展影响深远。推动和扶持多元化的经济模式,培育以社区为本的工业化与城镇化,或许是解决中国人口就业与生存、经济与社会共同发展的可行出路。

在亚洲,成立于 2012 年的 Root Impact,在韩国建立起一个“影响力生态系统”,为年轻社会企业家、社区组织领袖创造支持性的环境,包括提供联合办公空间 HEYGROUND、共同居住空间 D-well,以及包括影响力营地和影响力职业发展系列在内的成长机会,并为 70 多家社会企业近 500 名工作人员提供无偿的法律、金融、技术和健康服务。Root Impact 的创始人郑京善表示,Heyground 不是一个孵化器,而是一个合作组织,”我们是在一起工作,不是在培育他们。”

Root Impact, established in 2012, spearheaded an “impact ecosystem” in South Korea, creating a supportive environment for young social entrepreneurs and community organizers by providing co-working space Heyground and co-living space D-well, as well as growth opportunities including camps and career development series. Root Impact has provided free legal, financial, technical, and health services to nearly 500 staff members of more than 70 social enterprises. Root Impact founder Kyung Sun Chung

said that Heyground is not an incubator, but a cooperative organization, "We are working with them, not training them."

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙

除了在韩国本土的实践,Root Impact 一直在建立全球伙伴关系,在海外复制其模式。Holistic Growth Initiative,是郑京善创立的另一家从事房地产开发和影响力投资的社会企业。它在 Root Impact 的全力支持下,于 2017 年在拉斯维加斯复制了一个 D-Well 社区,目前正在纽约市开设 Heyground 分部。

Root Impact has gone beyond the borders of South Korea and started building partnerships globally. Holistic Growth Initiative, another social enterprise founded by_Kyung Sun Chung, successfully duplicated a D-Well community in 2017 in Las Vegas. Currently, Heyground is on its way to open in New York._

分享嘉宾:Jose Mari Luzarraga 何塞·马里·卢萨拉加

蒙德拉贡团队学院(MTA)联合创始人 & 全球领导者。

作为 MTA 的联合创始人,何塞于 2009 年参与创立了欧洲本科学位课程 LEINN (创业领导力及创新专业),于 2010 年参与创立了国际硕士学位课程 MINN (企业内部创业及开放式创新专业)。作为 MTA 网络在西班牙及全球的领导者,何塞参与了 MTA 在伊伦、奥纳特、马德里、阿姆斯特丹、毕尔巴鄂、巴塞罗那、瓦伦西亚、上海和普纳的实验室的建立。

Guest Speaker:Jose Mari Luzarraga

As Cofounder and Global Leader of Mondragon Team Academy (MTA), Jose has created the bachelor's degree LEINN (entrepreneur leadership and innovation) in 2009, and the master's degree MINN (in-house entrepreneurship and open innovation). As the leader of the MTA network in Spain and around the world, Jose participated in the establishment of MTA laboratories in Irun, Onat, Madrid, Amsterdam, Bilbao, Barcelona, Valencia, Shanghai, and Pune.


706 湾区联合创始人 , 706 在线沙龙负责人,南开北加州校友会副会长

Host: Strayn

Founder of 706 Bay Are, President of 706 Online Event, and Vice President of Nankai Alumni Association (Northern California)




Co-host: Fengwei

Currently pursuing a master's degree in International Affairs at Columbia University, Fengwei graduated from the Mondragon Team College and received a master's degree in in-house entrepreneurship and open innovation. She is interested in issues such as social innovation and sustainable development and has been active on youth platforms and international forums.


Event held in English

04 浮动 & 垂直城市:


No.04 Floating vs Vertical City: Empowering Urban Communities through Design


7 月 11 日 星期六 20:00 (加州)

7 月 12 日 星期日 11:00 (北京)

在不久未来 30 年,许多科学家预言地球会因为人口过多而引来全球资源危机,而不管人类再怎么独立都好,灾难当前,我们都是人类命运共同体。放眼当下,我们如何以“不可能”的思考方式,去探索集体的想像之中如何创造对于“何谓可能”的限制,并且在想像之上,我们可以如何扩大现实?不仅是在讨论还能如何生活,而是未来我们能和自然如何共存,以及我们还能在哪里生活。城市设计,是少数能介入公共领域探讨的实践工具,于是在有限的零水平面城市空间之外,垂直发展和海上漂浮成了潜能发展的空间资源。

2020/07/11 SAT 8pm (US: GMT-7)

2020/07/12 SUN 11am(Beijing: GMT+8)


Facing disaster, we are a community with a shared future for mankind. We are going to try to challenge the norm of what is possible by thinking of the impossible. We need to think about where we live and how we live with our environment. Perhaps, through the use of vertical space on land and the use of ocean space in urban design, we can discover new possibilities.

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙

我们会从两个案例出发,一个案例是来自美国的“海上家园”Seasteading 项目,这个项目获 Paypal 创始人彼得蒂尔 (Peter Thiel) 资金支持成立,致力于创建一个绿色创新的浮动海上社区,共建一个漂浮于公海上的独立乌托邦。

还有一个案例是来自中国长沙的 P8,这是一个千禧一代的未来城市社区的版本, 在这里可以看到各种空间的实验和建造。


想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙

We will introduce two cases.

One is the Seasteading project from the United States, funded by Paypal founder Peter Thiel to create a floating offshore community of green innovation. It hopes to establish an independent utopia on international waters.__Another case is the P8 from Changsha, China. It is a version of the future urban community of millennials, where we can see the experiment and construction of various spaces.

What kind of community will we have when we live our lives differently than we did before?

分享嘉宾:Joe Quirk

海上家园研究所(The Seasteading Institute)主席,作家,“海洋传教士”。在 Patri Friedman 的帮助下,著有《海上家园:看浮动国家如何让环境变好,穷人致富,治愈疾病,让人类文明从政治家手中得到解脱(Seasteading: How Floating Nations Will Restore The Environment, Enrich The Poor, Cure The Sick, and Liberate Humanity from Politicians)》。Joe 在 2011 年与海上家园研究所结缘,并从此致力于传播该组织的理念和相关工作。

Guest Speaker:Joe Quirk

Author & Seavangelist for The Seasteading Institute and Blue Frontiers. He is the author, with support from Patri Friedman, of Seasteading: How Floating Nations Will Restore The Environment, Enrich The Poor, Cure The Sick, and Liberate Humanity from Politicians. Joe has been deeply involved in seasteading and spreading the message since he first learned about it in 2011.

对谈嘉宾:贤铭 Daniel

P8 可持续创新社区联合创始人,研究可持续城市与建筑,上海世博会远大馆首席概念设计师,远大集团企业社会责任负责人。毕业于卡内基梅隆大学,Teri 大学博士。一位有着跨界设计思维和艺术创造思维的城市建筑师,保持着高度的纯粹和社会责任心。

In dialogue with:贤铭 Daniel

Daniel, a co-founder of P8, studied sustainable cities and architecture,Chief Concept Designer of Broad Pavilion at Expo 2010, Head of the social responsibilities of China Grand Enterprises, Inc. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University and has a Ph.D. from Teri University. He is an urban architect with cross-boundary design thinking and artistic creation thinking


北京大学光华管理学院毕业,706 青年空间联合创始人,706 生活实验室联合发起人,Blueprint Korea Foundation 联合创始人,韩国国籍

Host:崔珉祯 Minzhen Cui

Korean, Graduated from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, Co-founder of 706,Co-initiator of 706 Lifelab, and Co-founder of Blueprint Korea Foundation


清华大学建筑学硕士毕业,706 生活实验室项目前统筹,关注城市和社区议题,马来西亚籍华人

Co-host:何凯晶 Kaijing He

__Chinese Malaysian_, Graduated from Tsinghua University with a master's degree in Architecture, 706 LifeLab former project coordinator, interested in issues about cities and communities _


Event held in English


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想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙


1)转发朋友圈可以打 8 折

2)转发朋友圈并且集满相应数量的好友点赞,享受全 4 场免费资格

3) 706 共建人,706 志愿者可以免费


有任何问题,可以联系 706 上海小伙伴(微信 shanghai_706)咨询。

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙


想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙

706 上海

706 上海青年社群是以 706 上海生活实验室为据点,上海地区一个多元开放的青年社群,在这个社群里,我们尝试各种社会实验,徜徉在思想的海洋,我们共同读书,讨论,游历,在这里遇到志同道合的朋友,共同成长。


想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙

706 青年空间

706 青年空间起源于宇宙中心五道口,是中国第一家青年空间。目前在广州,上海,深圳,杭州等地都在落地本地的 706 实体据点,同时,我们通过社群式的学习,倡导一种新的生活方式和教育理念,让青年人探索生活的更多可能性。


想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙

沙丘研究所(Dunes Workshop)


想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙


以“408 研究小组”为基础的城市设计研究交流平台

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙



想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙


WUXU 是于 2017 年在博洛尼亚建立的非盈利研究机构。关注意大利的社会现状,欧洲与东亚文化交流,跨学科研究与当代艺术实践。旨在建立一个研究者的联合体,并独立地行动。

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙



想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙


Philosophy is a new fashion.

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙



想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙



想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙

Philosophia 哲学社


想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙



想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙



想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙


以抢二道贩子饭碗为目标,传达学习 Sociological Theory 等英文期刊前沿经典有关精神,抓好摘译推送中心工作,把推动汉语社会学理论发展作为根本遵循、行动指南和精神动力个屁。

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙


洛杉矶文化沙龙(LA STORIES)是一个位于洛杉矶的非盈利,跨学科,跨背景的文化交流平台。定期举办不同主题的小型演讲,放映会,线下分享会。

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙



想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙


Conversazione 是一个基于纽约 / 北京两地的非营利艺术组织,关注建筑、城市、影像、剧场及表演之间的问题,通过 论坛、放映、实验戏剧、展览、研究及媒体出版推动关于当代空间 / 艺术及文化现象的讨论。

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙


La Pensee 由一群喜爱法国思想的哲学青年发起,主要思想发散地为复旦、同济大学,小组标签开放,提倡无中心、多元化的学术友爱共同体。

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙



想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙



想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙



想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙

Bottle Dream

一个聚集年轻创变者的宇宙,Let's do good and have fun!

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙



想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙


Ourea 无涯社区以成为真正的分布式商业形态为愿景,构建共识、共建、共赢的分布式社区。

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙



想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙


纽约文化沙龙是注册于美国纽约州的 501(c)(3) 教育类非营利机构,旨在建立跨学科交流的优质平台,通过举办周末沙龙讲座的形式,吸引来自不同领域的朋友交换视角、交锋思想。

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙




想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙



想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙

P8 星球

作为长沙前沿的社区化活动的领导者和促进者,P8 星球的空间设计始终遵循开源和创意的理念,从零开始将传统社区、园区转化为可持续创新社区

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙


想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙



想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙


位于西安的文化空间,搭建文化平台 ,提升文化境界 , 塑造文化社群 ,倡导生活另一种可能










706 广州 / 深圳 / 成都 / 南京 / 杭州生活实验室

706 在 19 年下旬分别在上海和广州筹备了轻资本运作,偏非盈利模式的 706 生活实验室,目前探索出一些基本的模式,准备在 2020 年度在广州,深圳,成都,南京,杭州分别落地一个线下的 706 生活实验室,如果你在广州,深圳,成都,南京,杭州这几个城市,或在国内其他城市,想参与一起筹备 706 生活实验室,或者参与 706 本地的城市青年社群的运营 ,也欢迎联系 706 小管家(微信 xiaoguanjia706)。

想象另一种未来:实验型社会的兴起 | 706 上海线上沙龙

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